Should I submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal?

I was on financial aid probation for the previous 2 quarters and submitted 2 SAP appeals in a row (which were accepted). I did not have any extenuating circumstances so I was planning not to. Rather my plan was to get passing grades this quarter and submit a SAP the following quarter after showing that I am able to get acceptable grades. I know I won’t be able to afford the school I attend though without financial aid for the next 2 years. I am still getting reminders from the my financial aid office to submit a SAP though so I’m not sure if I should submit one anyways, even though it will likely be rejected, so that they know I’m still in need of financial aid and keeping up with what they want me to submit.

I would. What do you lose by submitting it?

I’m afraid of losing credibility for my plan for the following quarter. The first extenuating circumstances were health issues; the second was more-or-less begging and promising that a change of major would help. If I submit it this time for what is pretty much no reason, I’m afraid that the 4th SAP wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Maybe you should improve your academic performance so there isn’t a 4th SAP…

What I meant by “4th SAP” would be that if I were to submit a SAP this time around it would be the 3rd, it might be denied, and then after improving my academic performance this quarter I would submit the SAP a 4th time. The reason why it would be the 4th SAP wouldn’t be because of grades but because of how many times I’m appealing.

What is your GPA trend?

Each quarter was the following GPAs: 3.0, 3.55, 2.99, 2.87, 2.20, 2.08, (W), 1.00, 2.43. My overall is 2.62.The first time I submitted an appeal was for the quarter when I withdrew (W) for medical reasons. When I came back, I only got a 1.00 so I submitted a second appeal to be on financial aid probation a second time. My previous quarter had a 2.43, but one of the grades was a D which disqualified me.

@Madison85 , do you have any advice for me after seeing that information?

I’m currently leaning towards following elliebham 's advice of having nothing to lose.

The trend isn’t great.

You do not have a positive academic history. I understand the medical leave term…but what happened the other times? Have you figured out what you REALLY need to do to pass college courses? If not, you might want to consider going to school only part time and working.

In terms of losing credibility…this has already happened. Clearly,mthe plan you formulated most recently was not a good one.

I think you need to figure out where you went wrong before you go back and ask again.

Thanks for the replies thumper1 and Madison85. I will probably not send a SAP appeal.