Should I submit an ACT score of 28 for Engineering

I am currently a HS senior in Wake County NC. My unweighted GPA is 3.95 and my weighted GPA is 4.42. Rank is 19/449. I’m currently taking dual enrollment Calc and Physics. 4 year varsity sport and member in NHS and a few other clubs. I’m concerned about my ACT score of 28 because it is low relative to my GPA/rank. I’[m super torn over this, would I be better off simply not self-reporting my test score? Thanks

I would think the 28 would hurt you at highly competitive schools.

I assume this is for NC State, being in the NC State forum.

The midpoint of the ACT 25th and 75th percentiles at NC State is 29.5.

So no, I probably wouldn’t report it.

Is your Math section 32 or above? That would be the only reason I would consider it as an Engineering applicant. Even then, it would be a tough call, given what the other section would have to be.

Thanks all for the feedback. I decided not to submit my ACT scores. My math score was only a 30