Should I submit Midterm grades

Hey, everyone! I am applying to transfer to top 20 LACs for next fall. I am a first-year student at a top 10 undergraduate business school. For my midterm grades, I have 5 As and 1 A-. My first semester GPA was a 4.0. Should I submit my midterm grades to the schools, given I got the A-?

Pretty dramatic question but I thought I would ask b/c I don’t know anything about what is “wrong” or “right” in transfer admissions. I only have 14 credit hours, so I do not know if that is weak or not.


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I think you should. Straight A’s in college is hard to achieve. In high school it seems like everyone has a 4.4 gpa but anything above a 3.6 in college is considered impressive. also since you only have 14 credits they really need more to base their decision off of. Good luck!