Should I submit my 1510 SAT to UChicago?

Will 1510 (710 RW / 800 M) hurt my chances against UChicago?

I would submit it, as it’s within the 25th-75th percentile for UChicago.

Class Profile:

Average admitted student SAT for Class of 2024 was 1518:,seen%20the%20admit%20rate%20fall.

Generally, it’s best to submit only if at the Median or above of accepted students. In your case though, you are very close to the median plus you have an 800 in Math, so I recommend you submit.

Good luck.

Submit. The 800 is perfect and the 710 in RW concords to a 66 English + Reading for ACT (ie like a 33 for each) so perfectly fine, although “low” for UChicago which tends to see SAT/ACT scores of 730+/35 on the verbal. If you have a subject test or AP score you can submit along with your SAT that bolsters your reading and writing creds, be sure to include those as well.

I don’t have subject tests or ap scores but I am an IB student with a predicted english score of 7. Will it be okay if I submit that?

Not sure how to interpret IB (more of an AP person myself) - is that the highest score possible? If so, then definitely do submit. According to the college catalog, an AP score of 5 on Lang or Lit, or an IB higher-level score of 7 will get you 100 elective credits. So I guess they are viewed about the same. Check out the following link (scroll down for the AP and IB stuff).

Edit to add: UChicago allows self-reporting so hopefully you can just upload to your portal or include on the Common App.

Definitely submit an SAT score which includes a perfect 800 and a score above 700.

If an SAT score of 1510 hurts your chances for admission, find a better school.