Should I submit my 33 (33.25) ACT score this fall?

I got a 33 ACT after taking it one time and now, all spots are filled. I can’t retake the test for a higher score.

My distribution is (M: 35; S: 34; E: 34; R: 30)

I am applying Computer Science. Will that 30 in reading hold me back from top schools?
Is it just better to not report my scores? Should I report it and mention that I wasn’t able to retake my test? What’s the best option?

That score puts you in the range for the top schools. I wouldn’t worry about the Reading subscore—it is good and the others are very strong.

Taking it only once is not something you need to explain in this pandemic year—the schools understand and you don’t want to appear to obsess about your score Focusing on the rest of your application is what you should do


It depends on the school. If you have perfect grades, lots of awards and ECs, great essays/recs and are applying to MIT, Caltech, and CMU, that ACT would be below average and I wouldn’t include it.

If your score is at or above the midpoint of the published 25\75% ACT scores for schools being applied to, then include it.

A lot of people are having trouble getting test slots this year so the number of re-tests is going to be much lower for everyone. It’s a good score, so just submit it and mention that you couldn’t get a second shot at it. 2020 is a weird year and many old standards may not apply.