Should I submit my ACT to test-optional schools? (GWU, Bowdoin, etc.)

I am applying to a few schools with a ‘test-optional’ policy and I am not sure if submitting my scores will hurt or help me for these schools.
Here’s my info:
Composite: 31
English: 31
Math: 28
Reading: 33
Science: 31
Writing: 10

UW GPA: 3.97 W: 4.17
Let me know if you want any other stats.

According to GWU 2018-2019 common data set 34% of admitted students submitted their ACT scores (but only 16% didn’t submit either SAT or ACT). 25% score is 29 and 75% is 32 so I am right on the 50%. For math specifically (including since mine is lower than my composite) the 25% is 26 and the 75% is 31.

According to Bowdoin 2018-2019 common data set 25% score is 30 and 75% is 34. For math specifically the 25% is 27 and the 75% is 33.

Thank you!

I would submit it. It’s high enough to support your gpa and not low enough to be a negative to your app.

I would consider this, if it’s at least in the 50% then submit. The test optional is usually for kids who test very poorly yet are outstanding otherwise. It’s also a tool so the schools can recruit from schools with low test scores where kids haven’t had a good educational preparation but might have good potential ( URMS in particular). If it supports your app then submit. I would only not submit if it takes away from your app. Also, if you come from a low scoring school and your ACT is higher than the norm that would be another reason to submit.

Thank you!