Should I submit my SAT and ACT scores to McGill? And what are my chances?

I’ll be applying as an international student. I have taken the SAT 1 twice and ACT once. I got 1860(CR 530, Maths 650, Writing, 680) and 1830(CR 480, Maths 720, Writing 640) in SAT 1 with a Super score of 1930 and a composite of 27 in the ACT. I’ve read that McGill doesn’t require these test scores but I can submit them. My question is Should I? Plus I have 3As 5As 1B 1C in my O Level Exams and A A BB in my predicted grades for my A Levels. I have 3 internships all related to the course I plan on studying and 2 weeks of community service and I’m currently initiating an NGO in my country. I want to apply for financial aid as well. Are my chances good?

Since the tests are not required for overseas students and the scores are not that good, I would not submit them. EC’s have no bearing on admission.

If you have good scores for the ACT, should you send them though?