Should I submit my SAT scores?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if
anyone could give me some advice about sending SAT scores to test
optional colleges. I have a 4.1 W GPA, which I feel would be brought down
by my 1870 SAT score (1st time taking it with no studying, planning to retake this fall since it will be my senior year). The colleges I’m planning on applying to so far are BC, Holy Cross,
Providence, and Salve Regina. I know I have to submit scores to BC (also, how likely is it that I will be accepted there with this SAT?) but for the other
three, will that SAT help or hinder me in the admissions process? Also, I’m trying to get merit scholarships at PC and Salve. Thanks in advance!

25th Percentile SATs for those schools:

You are in trouble here, if you don’t improve your SAT scores - admits from this range normally have some sort of hook:
BC 1910

This is a tough call, you’d like to be somewhat higher, but…:
Holy Cross 1830

Definitely submit your scores for this school:
Providence: 1580
Salve Regina 1525

Thank you! @NickFlynn

I would submit them. It wouldn’t hurt. Could you just wait until you retake the SAT in the fall and go from there? You could superscore your scores (if the colleges you’re applying to superscore).
Here’s what I would do:
BC: The average SAT range for the middle 50% for 2014-2015 is between 1960-2150, with the average being 2039. So I would definitely try to get your SAT score up by at least 100 points (preferably 150 points).
Holy Cross: Only submit if you can get a higher score. The SAT range for the middle 50% of the incoming class is between 1830-2090.
Providence: Yes, definitely submit. The SAT range for the middle 50% of the incoming class is between 1580-1900. Your score will help because it is closer to the higher part of that range.
Salve Regina: Yes, definitely submit. The average SAT score for the middle 50% is between 1525-1790. Your score will definitely help.

TL;DR: I think you’ll have a chance at BC if you can increase your SAT scores 100-150 points. Submit to HC if your scores increase the second time around. Definitely submit to P and SR, as you’ll look extremely competitive and you’ll most likely be accepted. Hope this helps!

thank you so much, that helped a lot! @LionKing2398

@englishlover16 You’re welcome!! :slight_smile:

@englishlover16 Since you are looking at Catholic schools in NE, St. Mike’s and St. Anselm might be worth a look.

@BatesParents2019 thank you for the suggestions! I’ve actually considered looking at St. Anselm’s a lot but in worried that the location is too remote/there won’t be anything to do. I think I like PC and BC so much because they’re right near cities but they still have a campus feel (I hated BU when I toured it because it was right in the city).

Saint Joseph’s in Brooklyn might be a school worth looking at.

(Maybe not - it’s not really a classic campus, less residential…but no shortage of stuff to do.)

@englishlover16 St. A is in Manchester with over 100k people and is between Nashua and Concord with over 200k and pretty close to Portsmouth. That area is not remote at all. Have you been to Burlington, VT. There are 20,000 college students in Burlington where St. Mike’s is located.