Should I submit my SAT this year?

Hi! I’m a current high school senior trying to get into a college this year. I’m planning to apply to Pomona ED but idk how much scores weigh this year.

I have a 1480 superscore SAT (EBRW690 + Math 790)
the total score might be in the mid 50% but I’m pretty sure the English section is below 25th percentile
Oh btw I am an Asian female so that score really isn’t good :frowning:

I have a 790 for Math2 subject test but apparently Pomona doesn’t take any subject tests.

My ECs are just average (or maybe below avg? idk but they weren’t super amazing) and my essay has more of a creative approach to an ordinary story instead of some great achievements or dramatic stories.

Do you guys think it’s a good idea to submit my test scores?

If your scores are above the 50th percentile, I would submit them.

I kind of feel like this year people who are less than stellar academically will try to sneak in to schools they would not normally get into by not submitting their sub-par or nonexistent test scores. So I think I would submit that 1480 as it will reassure Pomona that you can cut it there.

Pomona’s interquartile was 690-750 EBRW, 700-790 Math, and 1410-1530 Composite for the 2019-2020 year - all available on their CDS report, no need to guess.

You’re at the 25th and 75th for the sections, and just above the midpoint of the Composite. I’d go ahead and submit it.