Should I submit my SAT to Yale (2020)?

Hi! So this year, as I’d imagine tons of other students did, I had difficulties signing up to take the SAT. Luckily, my school was able to host one for the senior class, so I took it. I got a 1510, which I’m pretty satisfied with, but the thing is I believe this literally puts me right at the average mark for Yale, and this was the only test I was able to take. I already submitted my application without SAT scores, but I have the option to update it with the one I just got. I know SAT scores are just one piece of a much broader holistic admissions process, so I don’t really know if I should bother to include my score (especially because I don’t think it would really distinguish me from other students). Aside from that, I believe my application is academically and community-wise strong. What do you guys think? I know that Yale and any other ivy is incredibly difficult to get into, even for top students, so maybe I shouldn’t really be worrying about this. I just want to make sure that the application I submit is the best one possible.

What was the breakdown of the score? My guess is that scores overall won’t be as high this year as usual, since many students were not able to take the tests multiple times in order to superscore. So, a 1510 will be probably be just fine this year.

Ah you’re right, I hadn’t considered that. I got a 780 on math and a 730 on English. I think I could probably improve on English, but as you said, likely won’t have the opportunity to re-test

I’d go ahead and submit it.

I agree you should submit. I am an alumnus and a parent of a Yale grad who volunteers to interview applicants. That is a worthy score which you should not hide

I agree that you should submit.

That’s a good score. It supports a strong application. It cannot hurt you, may help. Submit it.

Thanks for the help guys! I just updated my application :slight_smile: