Should I submit my test scores for UPenn? 1440 SAT and 4.6522 GPA

Hello everyone!

With COVID-19 making most schools test optional, I was wondering if a 1440 would hold me back with a college like UPenn whose 25th percentile SAT is a 1440. I also have a weighted GPA of 4.6522 and unweighted GPA of 4.0. Overall, should I submit my SAT score to UPenn?

I know it is a “holistic” review process, so here is a brief description of extracurriculars:

Clubs: I am current VP of two clubs (Rocketry and FBLA). I was also the Team Captain of my robotics team at school before I started my robotics organization.

Organizations: I started two non profit organizations, both had significant impact on the local community. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down our national and global plans we had in place.

Sports: I ran track as and currently play tennis.

Research: I was a student researcher with a professor at a University.

All in all, I had a fun high school experience with all of my extracurriculars.

How do you guys think my chances stack up, and do you think I should submit my test score?

I would not submit that score, it is below the 25%ile of class of 2024 admitted students:

I have heard to submit scores this year only if they’re above the 50th percentile for the school, so maybe going scoreless would work better.