Should I submit SAT score?

I have a 1300 but that falls on the lower end. I am really worried about it because everyone, even in the past, have had higher scores than me. Should I not submit if I want to get into main campus?

I’d ask your GC. Good luck

I would also ask your PSU AO.

What major/school are you applying to? If engineering or math, probably don’t submit, if CLA it might make sense to send, unfortunately only the AOs have that kind of detailed knowledge.

Good luck.

I am applying for psychology. So, liberal arts college.

I can’t make a recommendation in a vacuum…so I encourage you to ask you HS GC. They have a more complete idea of your complete application than anyone here. It all comes down to whether or not the 1300 strengthens your app…if yes, send it. If not, don’t send it. And again, it is appropriate to ask your rep too. I would also definitely make the next application deadline of Dec 1.

Note if you do choose to apply with your test score that PSU requires official test scores from CollegeBoard: Test-Optional - Undergraduate Admissions

1300 is at the upper end of the University Park 25-75% range. What makes you think this “falls on the lower end”?

PSU UP Class of 2025 SAT mid 50% was 1280-1450 Admission Statistics - Undergraduate Admissions

I prefer the official stats on pre-TO enrolled students from a University’s CDS over what they might publish on their web site.

When students are told not to provide scores below last year’s mid-point, it’s not surprising that the median would be near the pre-TO 75th percentile.

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That’s class of 2024 though. And admitted scores are more relevant to an applicant than matriculated student scores (which is usually lower than admitted student scores).

ETA: This is exactly why I tell PSU applicants to ask their PSU rep for guidance…they know the details by school/major and tend to very helpful in making the submit vs not decision.

Yes, it’s pre-test optional data.

I believe NYU going from 1390-1510 pre-TO to 1540 median in their TO class shows that TO stats are not a good benchmark.

You are comparing admitted student data for class of 2025 to matriculated data for Class of 2024 in the NYU example, we have no idea what the class of 2025 matriculated SAT median is.

This year many counselors are telling students to only submit if they were at the median of Class of 2025 (whether admitted or matriculated, because honestly so many counselors don’t even consider that).

Regardless, my guidance still stands…OP should ask their GC and PSU AO. It also matters what major/school we are talking about…a 1300 is probably not going to strengthen an engineering or Smeal app, but of course we know nothing else about OP’s stats either.

What kind of a school are you coming from? If you’re coming from a school with very low academic standards, and Penn State knows that school has low standards, then that score of 1300 might confirm your good GPA, might help your application. So if you’re coming from a low-standards school, I would definitely submit that 1300. If you’re coming from a school with high academic standards, and have a good GPA, then that score doesn’t really matter - they already know that you’re competitive, since you achieved a high GPA at a competitive school. In that case, I wouldn’t submit it - your high GPA would stand on its own.

What is your GPA? Only send scores that help you. If they don’t help, don’t send them. A 1300 is in the middle 50% for PSU UP campus, but it depends where your GPA falls on that scale. If your GPA Is at the upper range, I would suggest not sending them. It doesn’t hurt you whatsoever to not send them.
Psychology in the school of Liberal Arts will be less competitive than Smeal or Engineering.

I have a 106% weighted gpa. I already submitted my SAT, but should I change it?

No, with 106% GPA, I wouldn’t worry. GPA is 2/3 of the decision anyway.

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