Should I submit these SAT Subject Test scores?

Hi everyone,

I’m a senior who is applying to a variety of selective schools this fall. One of these schools is Georgetown, which “highly recommends” that applicants submit 3 SAT Subject Test scores. So far I have taken 3 SAT Subject tests (no retakes). My scores are: US History: 630 | Spanish reading: 680 | Math Level 2: 800. I’d like to know if you guys think I should submit these scores as they are, or retake us history and/or spanish. If I choose to retake them, I only have the October test date to do so. Even though my us history score is lower, I think I have more room to improve in spanish since I’m better at spanish now than when I took it. Thoughts?

Thanks a lot

Retake only if your score will definitely improve, so maybe just Spanish.