Should I switch into AP Human Geography?

I’ve been in school for a good month now, but I really want to switch out of orchestra. Sure, I may play an instrument, but I feel like I don’t have enough experience to be in there; like I don’t belong. My mom and sister keep saying that it would help me practice, but I think it just makes my anxiety worse. I was thinking of going into AP Human Geography, but Im not sure if going in the class at this time of the school year is such a good idea. Does anyone have any advice?

I say stay in orchestra. Colleges look for extracurricular and dedication.Plus you can’t keep running away from things that scare you. Plus AP world geography is NOT EASY, and i don’t think it would be the greatest idea to switch at this time of the year.

I teach AP Human Geo. It’s a great class divided into 7 units of study. You have missed 2 units of study at this point. If you are a good student you could catch up. Best of Luck.