Should I switch schools?

<p>I'm a rising sophomore and I've been debating on this subject for the entire freshman year and I still have no idea what to do. The list is self explanatory.</p>

<p>Current School - fantastic debate team, tennis team (very hard to get chosen because the coach is a dbag), SO many APs (15-17 offered), SO many clubs, more likely to be chosen for Student Council, ranked in top 10 nationally, free (no tuition fee), great people</p>

<p>Old School - decent debate team, a great, fun tennis team that I know I'll be on, not as many APs but if I take the most rigorous possible I'll have 4 APs, only club is Key Club, no way in hell will I be on Student Council, horrible, fake, *****y friends and people (couldn't care less though)</p>

<p>In my old school, I'll be in top 10 guaranteed, but will colleges be concerned about me switching schools? Will it be a disadvantage?</p>

<p>WHAT DO I DO?!</p>

<p>Why would anyone choose the second school listed over the first? The fact that it's in the top 10 is icing on the cake.</p>

<p>Why is this even a question?</p>

<p>Your class rank isn't going to be the only thing that will get you into college, so don't change school about it. Your current school sounds awesome! Just enjoy it, and colleges will fall into place! :)</p>

<p>You should go to the old school just for asking this question.</p>

<p>Alright alright I get it! Thanks for making me see how stupid I was being. I went to the old school's orientation for my brother then my current school's orientation and realized how dumb I was being for even considering to go back. </p>


<p>Make sure your brother comes to the new school with you too.</p>

<p>wait this is a question? i thought op was trollin. smh.</p>

<p>Why is this a question? You pretty much said yourself that the only advantage to the old school is dumber people.</p>