Should I switch to accounting?

<p>Hello, I'm currently a junior in college and majoring in Finance. Would it be more wise to major in Accounting if I want to take the CPA soon after I graduate (within a couple of years), or stick with Finance and still take the CPA later if I choose? Applicable to California/Nevada. </p>

<p>If I switch majors now, I can still graduate at the same time as with my current degree (December '13), albeit with a bigger work load. I as well wanted to shoot for internships during my last couple of semesters but am unsure if 3-4 accounting classes(on top of 1-2 upper division business courses) per semester is too much to do so, please tell me if it is. </p>

<p>I realize the CPA in Nevada/California requires 150 credit hours, or will by the time I take it. If I got a degree in accounting instead, I would only need 6 more classes to get my bachelors in Finance as well (I've already taken 3 out of the 9 classes). That would as well give me the 150+ credits. Should I just aim for dual baccalaureates in Finance/Accounting so I have two bachelor's degrees as previously mentioned? Or would it be more wise to pursue an MBA instead of having two bachelors degrees (i.e. Get degree in Accounting, then MBA. Or get BSBA in Finance, then Masters in Accounting)? Or should I just take bull sh*& classes to hit the 150 requirement? What do you guys do for your 150 credits?</p>

<p>The main reason I'm thinking of Accounting is that I'm majoring in Finance for my own investment purposes, so I can learn to invest my own funds and do it full time some time down the road, through day trading or what have you. I'm not majoring in it to necessarily work for an investment bank or insurance company, etc. but to further my own wealth without the need of a third party broker. However, if that doesn't pay off, I would like something to fall back on and I feel Accounting may be more secure than Finance. I ultimately want to make 6 figures. Can you get any job a Finance major can get with an Accounting degree? What about vice versa? </p>

<p>So what would be better for employment opportunities and for advancement within a company? If it helps, I attend a local university, not some top tier school. </p>

<p>Sorry for all the questions but I appreciate the help.</p>