Should I Take 3 AP Classes? Help?!

Hey guys, so I am going to take AP ENGLISH 11, AP PSYCHOLOGY, and AP US HISTORY next year and I am really worried if this is too much. I am a decent student, I would say a B+ student and I never have taken an AP class but I do okay in honors. Is this too much work load as in home works and eventually the exams? Please help

It all depends on the teachers and the reputation each class has. For my school, AP psych was pretty easy (I’m going to assume it’s easy at most schools Bc if you can memorize everything you can ace every test), however AP English 11 was tough for my school because of the workload and the high expectations, but my teachers have told us that the work they give us is always more difficult than what’s actually going to be on the AP exam. Your best bet is to talk to people who are in the class currently or who have already taken it, and decide based on what they say. You could also go ask the teacher of the courses because they’ll probably answer your questions with more detail.

Also, depending on what colleges you’re interested in, colleges like to see As in AP classes rather than Bs. While a B is still a perfectly good grade, you might also want to consider that if you’re thinking about applying to selective schools.

I can’t tell you whether 3 is too many for you because I don’t know how much of a hard worker you are, but AP classes require more time and effort than regular classes. If you have extracurriculars that take up a lot of your time or you know you’re a procrastinator, maybe it’d be smart to take 1 or 2 so you don’t have to worry about not having time to study and such.

TL;DR: take as many APs that you feel you’ll be successful in And ask current students what they think of the class before signing up. Good luck!