Should I take a boring AP class, a class I actually want, or something in the middle?

<p>Next year is my junior year and I have a choice between three: APES, AP Psych., and Sports Therapy. APES sounds absolutely boring and does not interest me at all (I hate earth science). Psych sounds okay, but I am worried it is not rigorous enough as an AP. Sports Therapy is an ROP class at my school and I really want to take it. However, will Ivy Leagues like the look of this? Should I take Sports Therapy at my local community college and take APES or Psych at school? What about between APES and AP Psych?</p>

<p>Your chance of making an ivy league is basically non existent. Their not worth it in my opinion. Take what interests you the most and enjoy high school. Do adults really look back and regret not taking a class in high school? Once you get in college none of it will matter. (:</p>

<p>What are your other classes and planned major? </p>

<p>From what I hear, Psych sounds harder than Environmental Science. Regardless, most colleges, including the ivies, won’t prefer one over the other. Don’t base your decisions off of your view of the ivy leagues. Take classes because you’ll enjoy them, whether that be at a community college or your high school.</p>