Should I Take A Free Period Senior Year With my courses?

I’m a rising senior and I’m taking 6 APs this year (that’s 6 out of 8 of my classes). I’m taking AP Calc BC, AP Chem, AP Literature and Composition, AP Research, AP Computer Science A, AP Gov and AP Macroeconomics will be each half a semester. I currently have a relatively easy class for my last period, but I’m thinking of taking a free period instead to have more time to work on college apps. Should I keep the easy class to make it look like I have a full schedule for top selective colleges or should I take a free period?

If you satisfied your Hs requirements and meet the college course requirement for the colleges that interest you than sure.

Take the free period - you have a very heavy schedule.

Note: did you complete Level 3, 4 or AP in a foreign language already?

Yes! I’ve completed Spanish III

My kids both took culinary arts as seniors in high school. It was the first year they had time in their schedules for such an elective. I say…take something fun…or enjoy a study hall.


Good job with Fl level 3.
Seconding the Culinary Arts suggestion, but otherwise feel free to take a study hall/late arrival.


My son is taking 5 APs and is taking a free period.

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Agree with other posters that if you’ve satisfied your high school requirements, then take the free period. You’ll have more time to do homework and work on college apps. One of my children took two free periods plus two easy electives senior year and did just fine with college acceptances.

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