Should I take a Gap year and reapply or transfer later on?

The OP committed to WashU (and now regrets it).

NU is an Ivy-equivalent and tougher to get in to as a transfer than out of HS.

USC and Vandy are the transfer-friendly elite privates. The OP got in to USC and Vandy is at the same tier as WashU.

Oh, I suppose there is Columbia GS after a gap year.

I guess the issue is what specifically the OP is wanting. On the other thread they said they turned down USC an CMC because they did not want “so many California kids”. They thought USC was too big & CMC was too small. Now they don’t like WashU because the “vibe”. Is the vibe about the city or the people? Is it the midwest? WashU has many students who are from the East Coast. What exactly are you looking for? What type of people do you vibe with? It can be easy to find oneself in a grass is always greener mindset that can doom enjoyment of where you are now. It can lead to not fully enjoying your current situations/personal relationships. Hopefully this is not a trait that spills to other aspects of life. Also, I may be wrong, but I think the deadline to request a gap year at WashU was May 15th. Therefor, if you decide to go that route, it may mean you decline WashU fully and start from scratch for the next admission cycle.


You people assume WAYYYY TOO much…if we go by rankings, CMC is LIGHTYEARS ahead of WashU on the LAC scale - clearly I didn’t pick based on this. There are too many assuming comments here, saying I chose because of prestige for me to respond to all…not helpful at all!!! ITs about FIT - prestige aside!


■■■■■■■■…15% transferr acceptance rate is somewhat high!

But what are you looking or in terms of “fit”? And how do you know the schools you desire actually fit you better?

I regretted it before committing in the first place

so why did you commit to WashU in the first place?

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Not necessarily. this was the TOUGHEST ADMISSIONS YEAR ON RECORD - and I know people say “it gets harder every year”. This was a unique year unlike no other. They may accept me, who knows.

To clear up one of your misconceptions, prestige and fit are two different things. Prestige is 70% BS, and fit is the most important when making a college decision.

I know several people who were ACCEPTED and REJECTION. As I mentioned in a previous comment this year was like NO OTHER. You are INCORRECT about the available pathways.

It also shocks me that all of you have so much LIMITED INFO!! I didnt share my GPA, SAT, ECs, gender, race - anything! I also didn’t explain WHY I like the schools I mentioned!!! And 90% of you are completely assuming!!!

Yes, thank you for the advice to try and move on - that is GOOD advice! But the rest of you are assuming its about prestige, that WASHU would be a good fit when I said not necessarilly…you shouldn’t be on this website if you don’t want to be helpful.

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That’s a HUGE amount of time…what If I created a billion dollar company? cured cancer? Went to the Middle East and filmed a war documentary?

You have said repeatedly you only wanted Ivy league schools. However, your “cons” to the schools you were accepted to seem to be very much what the Ivies are about. So it is confusing why you would say no to one school based on xyz when the Ivy you dream for has the same xyz.

You don’t know your major. You are confused like many other young adults. It just seems very naive to think you will be accepted to an Ivy when they all declined you this past year. You have only a few months to come up with an idea that is so amazing that the Ivies you yearn for will suddenly somehow believe they made a mistake by rejecting you this year and accept you after a gap year.

As others have said, you supposedly had several options well after deposits were due which is suspect. You just keep repeating “don’t tell me I won’t get into the Ivies” yet then try to backpedal when people point out you seem to be stuck on some very prestigious named schools, that again, seem to have many of the things on your “cons lists” at the schools you were accepted at.


@curiocity915 is absolutely correct:
You. will. not. be. accepted. to. any. school. that. already. denied. you. And the chance of getting into an Ivy for next year is virtually zero – if it’s that important to you, go ahead and try, but you cannot plan on it in the slightest.

I have a neighbor in admissions at a very tough school. A friend is in admissions at another school. Once you are rejected, the admissions offices don’t change the decision. They don’t rehash.

It’s about “fit” for them and available seats. The seats are finite and, generally, already full with recruited athletes, URM’s, celebrities, internationally renowned students (Greta, Malala,etc.), and children of people who can donate hospital wings (Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc.). The ivies are not that big. Once you go through that list, there are a handful of seats left. Do you fit one of those categories?

The universities build their freshman classes, believing how the admitted students will “mesh” or interact within the group selected at their university.
Maybe they didn’t need another student who wanted multiple majors: “They also aren’t known for the programs I’m interested in applied math/history/econ/physics/CS/some kind of engineering possibly.”

Also, did you ask for financial aid at any of these schools. Are you full pay?
If you plan to transfer, don’t expect decent financial aid.


NOPE I did not say “ivy league schools”. I named SPECIFIC schools - didn’t apply to Cornell or Dartmouth for a Reason!

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You clearly aren’t a college advisor based on your answer. We are NOT talking about REHASHING…we are talking about REAPPLYING, not appealing!

If you can do any of these in 5-7 months don’t bother going to college :rofl:

Think realistically OP. And be polite when people try to help.


It’s frustrating. There are some helpful people, a lot this isn’t helpful! But yes, I posted this to an anonymous college site, so I guess I’m getting what I asked for!

" But I didn’t say the Ivies". Okay, you said Ivies, etc.

Ahhh, good to know you can cure cancer in 6-7 months. I wish you could.

I feel for this kid, who really is likely sad and realizing perhaps for the first time that they can’t always get what they want and that dreams don’t always come true.

Good luck with your future. What you do with it is up to you. Just remember to not blame others and take responsibility for your own actions.


I’m not blaming you ma’am, I came her for concise, helpful advise.
Q: I’m unhappy with my options, and there are others I like.
A: Best course of action?

Not asking for a lecture.