Should I take a science summer research position or JSA?

<p>It's a great opportunity, it's at a research facility for cardiovascular and lung disease and I'm currently doing a work experience placement there during school for a week right now, though it's not really work, it's more like fooling around with expensive lab equipment (which is cool too). The summer position would be 9-5, Mondays to Friday for 6 weeks of the summer. I'd like to apply. There's a problem - I'm not going into the sciences. At all. The only science I'm taking is IB biology standard level. I really only like biology, and even that only in the dorky kind of popular-science "IT GLOWS" way. I'm not shabby at it - I'm getting 94%, but I'm no genius either.</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in political science. If I don't do the research position, I'm either going to spend my summer watching the entirety of Battlestar Galactica or going to JSA in Stanford, studying something that's actually relevant to my planned major. I know that JSA isn't looked highly upon or anything, I'd just be doing that for fun - it'd also be something I'd probably kick more ass at. However, I'm willing to prioritize something adcoms will look favorably upon (a research position) over JSA. The problem is, I'm not really sure adcoms will look favorably upon a position if I don't have any other EC's in the field...and I really don't want to burn six weeks for something that adcoms would disregard and even look negatively upon.</p>

<p>I'd have blast with either one I think, more so with JSA because I wouldn't have to commute every morning at 8. Also with JSA I would be taking a course in speech, and I have debate + speech credentials so it's more filling of my "niche". But if the research position would be looked upon more favorably, well, I'll take it.</p>

<p>I'm deeply sorry if this is the wrong board by the way, this is my first time posting!</p>

<p>DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY not whats going to make an adcom happy</p>

<p>Given the title, I would say "RESEARCH PROJECT" but since you mentioned that you were going to major in political science, JSA would seem fine too.</p>

<p>Perhaps when you go for JSA you could go beyond what is expected of you, try to find out a bit more about your intended major.</p>