Should I take a world language?

Im fluent in german having lived there for 5 years when I was younger. I wanted to just take the ap test to show my knoweledge but my parents arent sure colleges will see that and think I should take the class. Would colleges rather see me take the class rather than only the test?
Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask the question but Idk.

If you’re already fluent just take the test, but for the most competitive colleges it won’t waive the admission requirement wrt foreign language (ie., You’ll need to learn a language Foreign to you, such as French, Spanish, Italian… In high school, too.)
Having proof of proficiency in two languages however WILL help with the most competitive colleges and for your flagship the AP result alone will suffice. So it all depends on what type of college you’re aiming for.

Each college may have a different policy, so you should check their web sites and ask directly if the web sites do not say.

Competitive schools want to see you take at the very least 2 years of foreign language classes. If you think you’re fluent enough to take the AP test, go ahead, it can’t hurt. And you might be able to get some college credits out of the way.
But, being fluent doesn’t replace the class requirement. You should still take foreign language classes in school (one that you don’t already know).