Should I take advantage of the free sat score send before knowing what schools I want to apply to?

I took that March 13 SAT and noticed that I can send scores to colleges for free within 9 days of taking the test. I’m a junior and not sure about which colleges I want to apply to. Would it be a problem if I were to send my SAT score to a college and then not end up applying to that school? I would send my scores to target/safety schools in case I don’t do well, by the way.

Thanks for your help! :grin:

That is fine as long as you are using for safeties.

i wanted to know about this too. i already sent one score to NMSC in place of my PSAT but I’m not sure what other schools I should send to. I also don’t know how I did so I’m a little reluctant to send the scores at all. Should I be sending them at all? @skieurope

Again, it’s your choice. Personally, I would only sends to schools that require all scores and/or to safeties.

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You could send it, but the general advice is not to send it without knowing the scores , especially with test optional so prevalent these days.

Ok, I think I’ll send it to my state school because I’m pretty sure I did well.

If you’re confident that you did well and are sending it to a “safety” school with typical scores well below where you thing you scored, this should be OK.

Then again, there’s no real reason to do it unless they don’t accept self-reported scores.

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I would not, not even for your safeties. What if your scores aren’t good? They could put you out of the running for merit scholarships at your safeties.

Yeah, good point. It’s only about 10 dollars compared to the thousands of dollars I could get from a scholarship.