Should I Take Algebra II?

For a bit of context, I am a highschool junior who has decided to take some of my classes online and some of my classes at my local community college for this school year (so I am basically a dual-enrolled homeschooler). One of the classes I am taking at community college is College Algebra. My college advisor told me that College Algebra is basically Algebra I & II combined (not sure how true that is), and the school whose umbrella I homeschool under said that they will allow College Algebra to count as my required Algebra II credit.

Even though I have been approved to take College Algebra in place of Algebra II, I am concerned how this will affect me in the future. Will colleges not accept me because I have not specifically taken an Algebra II course, or will they not care? Should I find a way to take Algebra II over the summer? Any input is appreciated.

College algebra should be sufficient replacement for Algebra 2. The proof of your preparedness will be how well you do in trigonometry and pre-calculus senior year.