Should I take an extra AP class?

Ok, this is probably a very dumb question, but here it is. Currently, I’m 2 days into my senior year of high school and am taking 2 ap classes right now: Calc AB and Physics C Mechanics. Previously I’ve taken Ap Chem, lang, psych, stats, and us history. So the total is 7 aps. Right now I’m wondering if I should add on Ap English literature to my schedule. This is for 2 reasons, 1) my English class right now definitely feels less challenging than in the past (I’ve always taken the highest level of English at my high school) and I kind of want more of a challenge (plus I love analysis, which is what ap lit is all about), and 2) if I’m being honest, to look slightly better for college apps. The problem is this is a pretty late time to switch classes at my high school and although I have the option open to me, it would majorly affect my schedule and cut out one of the electives I’ve been planning to take for years at my school.

So should I take ap lit? (Btw it’s not like English is my passion or anything, I’m way more into the medical field).

What other classes are you taking ?

If you can handle the academic load, yes. Not so much to help with college applications (although it does look more rigorous), but more because, as you say, it’s a better fit with your interests and abilities. You’ll probably get more out of your high school education if you take this class.

If it fits better with your skills, is interesting, and you can succeed, it certainly seems to make sense.

Yea, I considered all of your opinions and talked with my counselors and parents about it and ended up switching over to Lit. Thanks everyone!

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