Should I take another science class or music senior year?

For next year I’m currently signed up for:
AP Gov
Intro to Psych (1 sem.)
Calc Honors
Anatomy (1 sem.)
Computer Aided Design

I have space left over, but I dunno if I should use it on another science class or take music.

I actually have no experience in music, but I really want to try something new. I was thinking about learning percussion, most likely a mallet instrument like the xylophone. I’ve had the sudden urge to do so ever since I heard my school’s winter concert. They were great. I also want to take the class because I’m sure that it would be harder to practice it on my own time, but idk if taking a beginner class as a senior would be worth it.

The science class I have in mind is biotechnology. It seems like it would be an interesting experience and a unique kind of class since it’s not really a common course offered at other schools. As of now, I only have 1 semester of science on my schedule for next year, so I figure that signing up for it would look good too.