Should I take another year of Spanish?

<p>Hello, I just finished sophomore year, and along with it, Spanish 2. I took regular English 2, regular Spanish 2, Band, AP Government, Physical Development (Gym), regular Chemistry, and regular Algebra 2/Trig. I would like to go to school for architecture in a few years, and was wondering if 2 years of Spanish was enough to get into an architectural college, or if I should take a third year (next year). Also, my average GPA for second semester of sophomore year was 3.12.</p>


<p>While some colleges would view 2 years of a single language adequate, most selective colleges recommend more -- certainly 3 and ideally 4. They would like to see you get to the point where you can appreciate first hand the literature of the language in the language.</p>

<p>So the short answer/advise take the 3rd year, and consider a 4th.</p>