Should I Take AP Calculus or AP Statistics First?

I’m really debating whether I should take AP Calculus or AP Statistic during 11th grade. I’m going to be taking AP English Language, AP Biology, US History Honors, & Band, during 11th grade & I really don’t know whethe taking AP Calculus or AP Statistics will be better to take while having those other classes. I’ve heard that taking AP Statistics is way easier than taking AP Calculus & there are also less prerequisites that I have to complete if I decide to take AP Statistics during my Junior year, and in comparison, if I took AP Calculus during my Junior year then I would have to take Pre-Calculus Honors/Dual Enrollment Trigonometry during the summer & I’ve also heard that Calculus is pretty challenging. I also don’t want to take a difficult courses during my Senior year because I want to make sure that I take classes that are simple to pass because I’m doing Dual Enrollment & I will have to receive 60 credits to pass high school with my AA degree. I’m really good at math but I don’t want to risk not receiving my AA degrees because of the fact that I didn’t pass one AP Exam. So any help I can receive I would appreciate it.

If you are really good at math, why are you worried about math being difficult?

Seems like your natural progression would be:

11th grade: precalculus / trigonometry
12th grade: calculus

You can treat statistics as an elective to add if you want and have space, but avoid having it displace precalculus / trigonometry or calculus out of your schedule.

I am pretty good at math but I’m scared of the possibility that I might fail the final exam. As for trigonometry/precalculus, I always planned on taking one of those courses. If I were to take AP Stats during my Junior year I would’ve taken Trigonometry on my school campus as an elective, but if I were to AP Calc first then I would’ve l had to take those classes online.

Continue on whatever your normal math progression through calculus is. Treat statistics as an elective that you can take if you have space for it, not a replacement for precalculus / trigonometry or calculus.

“Trigonometry” and “Pre-Calculus Honors/Dual Enrollment Trigonometry” are not equivalent. Does your school consider taking Trig, not PreCalc, to be a sufficient prerequisite for Calculus?

Sorry, when I said Trigonometry I meant to say Dual Enrollment Trigonometry. Also my school requires me to take Pre-Calculus Honors and/or Dual Enrollment Trigonometry to take AP Calculus AB. My school also allows me to take AP Calculus AB if I pass the PERT exam with a score equivalent to college and career ready.