Should I take AP Chemistry next year with Physics Honors?

So currently I am taking Chemistry Honors. So should I take AP Chemistry with Physics Honors in 10th grade?

Without context like the rest of your schedule and your interests, it will be hard for anyone to give anything more than the most generic answer.

I am also taking PreCalculus next year. Probably AICE Language Arts and possibly APUSH.

Interests and current schedule. For a sophomore I think taking AP bio would be the best AP science class to take and really shouldn’t take AP chem as a sophomore but that is my opinion. Probably best to take it Junior year or maybe senior year.

My current schedule is Algebra 2 Honors, Spanish 2, AP Computer Science Principles, AICE General Papers, Study Hall, Chemistry Honors, and World History Honors. In my school there is a block schedule that separates the first four classes to day one and the last four classes to day two.

I generally think it is a bad idea to take two challenging science courses simultaneously unless you are a real science whiz kid. Assuming you have already taken (or will take) HS biology, I’d take physics next year an an AP science your senior year.

I have taken High school biology last year in 8th grade.

Then IMO there is no reason to double down on science courses…you should still have time for two APs.

Thank You for your advice.