Should I take AP Chemistry or AP Envisci?

Hi! I’m currently planning my schedule for my junior year of high school and I’m debating whether I should take AP chem or AP envisci. For context, the other AP classes I’ll be taking are AP calc BC, APUSH, AP lang, and AP compsci A. I love chemistry but I know AP chem is notorious for being an extremely difficult and challenging course, which is why I was thinking of taking AP envisci since it’s an easier course. For context I want to pursue computer science as my major in college, but I’m also passionate about social issues and I thought AP envisci might help me learn more about environmental activism. Does anyone have any advice? Any help would be appreciated!!

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AP Chem will certainly be seen as more rigorous and valuable in college admissions. If you are currently successful in a course load that leads to this plan, I suspect you have the capability to succeed. Your current teachers would know better, as would your counselor and maybe parents, so consult with them.

(fwiw, my D is currently a Junior in BC, Lang, USH, Chem APs plus French 4 and two DE courses and has 739/740 points in APChem (100% first two grading periods and current). So high talent students can certainly succeed in the class.)

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Thank you!