Should i take AP classes while being in early college?


I am an early college student and i am determined to be a top 10 in my school. These are the college classes i’m taking (by semester):
freshmen: Music Appreciation DC and Health DC
sophmore: Sociology DC, psychology DC, Buisness Computer Applications DC, and Public Speaking DC
junior: English 3 DC (2 college classes), US History DC (2 college classes) PE (college class), and Economics DC
senior: English 4 DC (2 college classes), Pre-Calculus DC (2 college classes), Biology DC (2 college classes), and US Government DC (2 college classes)
overall i’m taking 20 college classes from a community college near me.

Currently, i’m taking AP spanish language and it’s pretty easy since i grew up in a spanish speaking home and i am practicing on Barron’s AP prep book.

Should i take AP spanish Literature online and take more AP classes such as Statistics, Environmental Science, Chemistry??? Or would it be too stressful? And if i pass the AP exams, would they count with my college class credits from early college?

Thank you for your time!

by the way, i am volunteering at my local pet adoption center and helping out with food drives. Plus i am in orchestra and plan on staying in orchestra until i graduate because i love it and i want it to count as extracurricular :slight_smile: