Should I take AP Computer Science Principle in senior year?

I’m currently a junior and will be a senior in August. I am thinking if I should take AP csp in senior year. I don’t think I’ll major in cs in college, but I am interesting in coding. I saw a lot of people take ap csp in 9th grade, so idk if I take ap csp in senior year will make me look bad when I apply for college. :confused:

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I am currently doing it – no it won’t make you look bad lol. Make sure you’re still taking high level courses in all other subject areas before adding on an elective class though.

Yea, I am also planning to take ap lit, cal bc, and ap gov. Is ap csp hard?

no lol

what are you planning on majoring in? If engineering or a core science, do you plan to/are you taking an AP Science if offered?

I’m thinking to major in biochem or biomedical engineering. I alr took AP bio in 10th and I am taking AP chem and AP phy 1 rn.

It’s a good overview course for many technology topics. It won’t be difficult, and won’t “impress” a CS admission committee, but for most students it’s a solid option as an elective if you are interested in the topic. It will give you the rudimentary skills and understanding of technology that many professions need these days.

It’s not a core course, but it’s as good a choice for an elective as the typical AP Psych, Human Geo, ES, and most standard Honors electives.


It’s a great elective that will allow you to discover various fields linked to computing. The rest of your schedule looks solid so, enjoy :wink:

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For a student who is not a committed CS major, AP CS principles should be a good course to give an overview of CS and how it relates to other subjects. (Prospective or possible CS majors may also benefit from a broader view than diving straight into programming and data structures that AP CS A is.) is the kind of college course that was one of the models for AP CS principles.

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