Should I take AP Lit being an international freshman?

Hello everyone and thank you since here for your responses.
I’m a Chilean freshman, who, since 6th grade, dreams to study English as a career and, always, dreams to do it in the US.
I have the opportunity to do some AP courses at Texas Austin University HS as a part student, attending a school in my country.
Always being good in English and in Spanish lit, I believe that I’d can with the course; however, the question involves me, despite all. And if it’s too soon to take it?


It’s also too early for a student whose first language is English to take it. Better to wait until junior or senior year.



If this is your real name, I would urge you to change it. here is how:


Freshmen shouldn’t take AP courses unless they’re “gateway” APs like AP CS Principles or AP Human Geography.
Furthermore, AP Lit is a junior/senior level course even for American students.
What other American courses can you take through your school?