Should I Take Ap Lit or try and Dual enroll my senior year?

I’m currently in Ap lang and i dont know what English i should take next year since i haven’t taken the AP exam yet. I know im not trying to take another AP exam next year though.

What are your DE options? It’s hard to compare two options with no info on one of them.

AP Lit would be the default next class in a sequence and is well known by colleges. If you’re looking for something easier/different, what does your school have? Ours has honors Brit Lit, honors American Lit, Argument and Rhetoric, and a couple others. The DE options of College Writing and Speech, at our local CC, aren’t really appealing

I would say AP Lit unless you have a pressing reason to do DE…don’t do DE because you think colleges think it is “better”…more colleges will give you credit for AP classes (a known quantity) than will for DE .