Should I Take AP Microeconomics??? Is it hard???

<p>I am going to be a high school junior next year and i am debating if i should take AP Microeconomics. I hope to go to college and double major in architecture and interior design. Will AP Microeconomis help me get into a college for either one of those majors? It is required by my school that each senior must take a semester of government and a semester of economics but these courses are not weighted nearly as high as an AP course. If I take AP Economics this year, I can take AP Government next year. If i dont take it this year, i will take the lesser weighted classes. Is it more important to have a higher GPA or take another class associated with architecture/design? Also is AP Microeconomics and AP Government hard? Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>No. It's the hardest class out there. 99% of people agree that it is harder than taking AP Chem and AP Calc combined.</p>

<p>College Microeconomics isn't hard, so I doubt AP Econ is.</p>

<p>AP Micro is a pretty straightforward exam. The curve is quite harsh compared to other exams but the test is pretty easy.</p>