Should I take Ap Statistics in 10th grade

So in our school there is a class where it is both Precalculus and Ap Statistics. Should I take it in 10th grade?

You are really wasting everyone’s time here, including yours, with these half-baked one-off questions while providing zero context.

This is your 4th “Should I take XYZ” thread. Your questions are pointless out of context. What you should provide is what your total 10th grade schedule will look like, what your current 9th grade schedule looks like, and what the normal math/science/social studies progression is for a student of your caliber at your HS. Then you might get some good feedback.

Sure, if you like math, have the time, and are confident you can get an A/B in it. However, AP Calculus is valued more than AP Statistics if a STEM major, so this means you should still take AP Calc as a Junior/Senior if possible.

Hope that helps!

I will take AP Calculus AB and BC. It is just that in 10th grade they offer the people in Precalculus to take AP Statistics with the class.

You would be way better off asking your current math teacher and your guidance counselor for advice – they will be familiar with both your aptitude in math and the curriculum/rigor of the courses offered.

FWIW the best answer to all of your prior questions would be to discuss the course options with the subject teacher and work with your guidance counselor to create a schedule that will challenge but not overwhelm you.

It is fine you don’t need so much more context of prestige it would be more helpful but definitely don’t need it. I think all you have to know is the level of math class and if you have taken algebra 2 already which I’m assuming you did cause you are taking precal I think you can take stats.

I am taking Algebra 2 Honors currently.