Should I take AP Stats?

Next year, my senior courseload is going to be AP Lit, AP macroecon, AP euro, calculus, honors chemistry, anatomy, ceramics, and 2 semester-long seminar classes where you basically just have an entire class period to work on homework. Ive only taken 2 APs so far, and I want to add another AP to my list because im looking to apply to reasonably difficult schools. However, im not sure if i can handle that many AP classes.

Ive heard that AP lit and AP euro will be the hardest simply because of the homework and amount of essays, but they should be fine if i stay on top of things.

Math has never been my strongest subject, but ive always gotten As in my regular-level math classes, and i have a tutor. Kids at my school say Stats is easy if you do the homework every night, but im not sure if i could take two math classes at the same time, you know? Thats why i scheduled to have those seminar classes where i can get my work done in school, but still, i need to get all As my first semester and it might be difficult with all the schoolwork, plus fall sports and applications and such. If i DO end up taking AP stats, id probably drop anatomy since ive heard its moderately hard (i need an art credit in order to graduate so i cant drop that) i just dont want to not take the class and then regret it because i could have added another A in an AP class to my transcript.

So, what was your experience with Stats? What grade did you get in the class? Does the information start out easy and then get harder, or is the coursework generally always the same level of difficulty? Is it more formula-based, concrete problems or is it more abstract word problems? I probably wont take the AP exam so i dont really need any information about that, but any detailed information will be greatly helpful!


Is Stats the only AP course your school has available for you?

@1650mile no, my school offers somewhere around 10-15 APs

If you don’t want to take another math course consider another subject. APES and Psych are usually considered easier APs if that’s where your preference lies.