Should I take AP studio art if i'm a senior?

I watch all these videos of people getting a 5 on their AP studio art exam, but they also mention they have been taking that class for over 2 years. I am a senior and I am debating if I should take that class if I only have a year to make 28 pieces to send to college board for the final exam. I love drawing and am good at it, but am wondering if one year is enough to do the exam.

One year is more than enough time to assemble a portfolio. And it is not 28 works; it’s 15. They eliminated the breadth requirement last year, even before Covid. And even on the old days, some of the images could be double counted, so it was. never 28 unique pieces.

Whether the class is worthwhile for you ir you have the requisite background to succeed ate different questions.

thank you!!!

Also think about:
Do you enjoy drawing?
Do you want to continue in College?
Is there other courses you could take instead?
Are you taking other AP classes?

Well in college I think everyone needs an art credit so that might come urselful. I’m applying to music colleges. I’m also taking AP music theory and AP lit this year.

Unless you are going to an art school, the colleges that require art are few. And AP Studio Art is a course that many colleges give no credit for.

Neither, though, is a reason not to take the course.

Although hopefully taking both AP Art and AP Music Theory is not at the expense of a core course fulfilling your target colleges recommendation for HS preparation.

For different reasons my daughter built her portfolio taking drawing /painting classes outside of school. Where we live there is many places to do this. If you have your core classes and don’t need another type of AP instead then do what you enjoy.

my daughter took AP Studio; AP music theory and AP art history her senior year. She loved them.

Her college choice didn’t accept credits from APstudio or AP art history for her major but they were integral to her choice of major. (architecture).

one thing you can do is look at colleges you are interested in; and see what AP classes they give credit for. And then specifically for majors that you might want. Maybe it’ll help you decide.