Should I Take AP World History if I Have A Lot of Hard Classes?

I am going to be a sophomore this year and I am thinking of taking AP World History. Although, I am also a co-captain of my dance team and I am planning on taking dance outside of school. Right now, my classes are Honors English, Algebra 2 w/ Trig, Advanced Marketing, and Chemistry. Should I switch into AP World History?

It depends on what your college goals are. If you are shooting for T30 schools, I would talk to your guidance counselor about what classes and levels you need to take for that person to check the “most rigorous” box on your college letters of recommendation. If you are planning to be a history major, you may want to take the most challenging level you can in that subject.

Once upon a time Harvard preferred applicants to have AP World and APUSH (it was in their common data set a couple years back), but if you aren’t planning to apply to Harvard, who cares?