Should I take AP World or AP Bio?

<p>[Originally posted in AP Tests Preparation, then decided it would fit better here.]</p>

<p>I'm a current junior trying to figure out which course to take senior year. My interest in each subject is about equal, but there are some key differences between the classes at my school.</p>

<p>Background: I'll be applying as a math/CS/math+CS/undecided major, depending on admission policies. I self-studied Physics B (5) last year and Physics C this year (expecting 5 on Mech, and it's a toss-up between 4 or 5 on E&M). I'm applying to MIT, Caltech, and Harvey Mudd, which is why I'm really conflicted about taking a science.</p>

<p>AP Biology</p>

<p>Probability of getting the bad teacher is about 0.5
Heavier workload
Fourth year of science (took Bio H, Chem H, AP Chem); not willing to take any of the other science courses
Mostly juniors, so I won't have a clue who most of the people are</p>

<p>AP World History</p>

<p>Only one section, with a good teacher
Light workload
Third year of history (took World, APUSH)
All seniors; I'll know who almost all of the people are</p>

<p>Does the possible admissions benefit from AP Bio at techy schools outweigh the negative factors? (Especially since biology isn't particularly important to my desired majors...) I'd really like more time to relax/do math or physics or some other cool stuff/work on college apps after this hectic year. Whichever one I'll take, it'll probably be the most rigorous courseload.</p>

<p>(If it makes any difference, I already have prep books for AP Bio from preparing for tests as a freshman, so I guess I would save money by not taking AP World...)</p>

<p>Have you taken AP Chemistry yet? That's a rigorous class and lots of fun too. Most people applying to the colleges you mentioned have these two sciences locked down (AP Chemistry + AP Physics B or C, although C is more difficult, so it's seen as more rigorous). If you haven't taken it, I STRONGLY suggest doing so next year. If you have.... Well, these colleges get a plethora of highly qualified applicants in sciences and math. Showing an interest in history could set you apart. Do remain active in the field of science though.</p>

<p>Oh never mind, you did take Chem. In that case, take World. It'll set you apart. Like I said, show serious interest in sciences even if you do have a while off with that easier workload from World than Bio =)</p>