Should I take courses within my major/school during freshman year?

So I am planning on graduating college in 3 years (I have plans, don’t ask me why I want to graduate early), and I pretty much have my schedule planned out considering all of the AP credits I received and the summer classes I’ll be taking. I think I’m sure that I’ll stick to my major, unless stuff changes. I’m currently going into my freshman year, and next semester (spring), I want to take 16 credits (four 3-credit classes and one 4-credit) with one of the 3-credit courses being a major course that is typically for sophomores and juniors. I’m honestly not so sure if I’ll do well, but I just need that one class to make everything in my schedule work out so I can graduate early with roughly 15 credits per semester in the future. Would this be a good idea, or should I wait until my sophomore year and take 18 credits for two semesters instead? I’ll give more info about the classes I want to take and will take and my major if anyone asks.

I will suggest to you the same thing I recommended to my daughter who started with many dual enrollment credits.

1 figure out all the classes you need to graduate and if there is a specific order for any to be done in (some may build on each other) - include all gen ed, major classes etc

2 map them out on a schedule such as Fall 20, Spring 21 staying within full time student # credits each semester

3 while changes are highly likely if you can see past semesters schedules see if there may be a pattern as to what classes are offered when since some classes may be fall only - adjust schedule if needed

I’m assuming you already know how the AP credits work for your college and are taking summer classes at the matriculated college

This is usually the purpose of a college advisor, who has mentored hundreds/thousands of students, some of whom have likely been in your situation. Do you have an advisor?

With no other info, I’d advise overloading next year rather than this year. The more time to acclimate to a college workload the better. My D’s school starts fairly light, ramps up 2nd semester, but only goes “full college” course load 3rd semester.

Do you have the pre-requisites for that class?

e.g., in Engineering if you have taken Calc 1, 2, MultiVariable and Differential equations, Physics 1 & 2 and now you want to take Circuits 101, then go ahead.

But definitely talk to your advisor! You could also reach out to the professor of that class and ask if people in your situation have been successful.

Does the course you are concerned about have prerequisites? Will you have fulfilled them by the time you will take it?