Should i take it?

<p>here is my schedule for next year (senior year):</p>

<p>AP Physics (2 periods)
AP English
AP Government

<p>should i take AP Calculus, as i took Pre calc this year?
(consider the fact that those AP classes will be my first; i havent taken any other AP classes and i want to get into Columbia or NYU)</p>

<p>Have you not taken AP classes because your school doesn't offer that many or because you haven't felt that you were up to the challenge or neccessarily ready?</p>

<p>If you're not the typical AP student (honors classes, etc.) then adding 4 your final year might be difficult.</p>

<p>If you don't AP Calc are you going to take another math?</p>

<p>Last question, what were your grades like in Pre calc?</p>

<p>to be honest, i underestimated myself. i've been getting 96+ in all my honors classes, and 95+ on all my regents yet i still thought i wasn't good enough. in math b i had a 97 average and got a 98 on the regents, i believe.</p>

<p>i could take AP Stat?</p>

<p>in Pre Cal my last marking period average was a 99.</p>

<p>Schools like Columbia are going to expect that you took the hardest curriculum possible. AP Stats isn't likely going to be a good replacement for AP Cal. </p>

<p>However, if that is too many APs for you, take APCal instead of APGov.</p>

<p>If your family can afford NYU, then great. If not, find another school.</p>