Should I take Mandarin 4 online this fall before applying?

I currently have 3 years of a language (Mandarin) on my transcript. 2 of those years were through my school, and the third year was an online program run by another institution. My school doesn’t offer more than those 2 years of the language. However, I could take it online via my State’s virtual public school system. This would not be a lot of fun, as the classes there are entirely asynchronous. But, I’m considering doing it to strengthen my college application before I apply this fall.

For context, my senior year schedule is AP Physics, AP Calculus AB, AP Lit, AP Computer Science A, and Stats + Gateway to Business (the last two I’m taking at a local university). I’m applying as a CS major to Ivy League schools. If I were to do this, I would swap out Business for the Chinese class.