Should I take Native Speaker Spanish?

Hey, I am a student that has been taking Spanish for 6 years (12th grade will be my 6th year) and I really enjoy the language. I got to the AP level in 4 years and have even done an immersion program in Costa Rica (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) I have basically no classes next year (I reached AP levels in every core subject early) so now am I wondering would it look good to colleges to take Native Speaker Spanish as a non-native? Would colleges look at this as me showing interest in the language I intend to study in college or not? Thanks, if this helps any I am looking at the Ivies, UCs, and UVA.

Isn’t Spanish for heritage speakers a level 1-2 review with a focus on writing and reading so that AP is possible after two years? In that case it wouldn’t work.
If you live near a community college, would your school district allow you to dual enroll (also called concurrent enrollment, running start, PSEO)?
If so, you could take college level 4 Spanish (often called 202).
If not taking Spanish for heritage speakers 2 could help out keep your fluency by allowing you to speak with native speakers. And from a non academic perspective it speaks to your resourcefulness.
Keep in mind that you can add a Spanish minor to any major.

No. Spanish for heritage speaker is not your next Spanish class. As written above, those classes are to help heritage speakers practice the reading and writing skills they will need before taking AP.

Your next Spanish class is the one at a local college or university that you place into based on your AP exam score(s) or based on that institution’s own placement exams. If you want to keep improving your Spanish and there aren’t any nreaby college classes that are convenient for you, check the online offerings of the public colleges and universities in your state.

If you can’t fit in a college class, volunteering as an aid for any level of Spanish at your high school or old middle school would help you keep up your skills and would add to your resume.