Should I take or drop AP Physics 1?

For context I am a high school senior. My schedule is going to be

AP English Literature
AICE Sociology A Level

AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science Principles
AICE Marine Science AS
AICE Media Studies AS
+AP Physics 1

The hardest class for me will be ap calc. I already know how to code so principles should be easy. I took honors marine science over the summer so AICE marine should also be easy, he also doesn’t give many homework. Finally, my sociology teacher is an easy teacher virtually no homework.

I’m not sure about my major yet. Ideally it would be pre-law but I would also like to minor in computer science or some type of engineering.

My school offers ap physics 1, honors physics, and regular physics.

AP Physics 1 - the teacher has only being teaching the course for 1 year and has always been teaching statistics. She’s OK at teaching the subject and gives an average amount of homework.

Honors Physics and Regular Physics - thaught by the same teacher who had to step down as an AP Physics teacher due to making our schools ap physics pass rate low, so she’s not good at teaching physics.

No matter the case I would need extra help just AP Physics would be more work and detailed.

I’m not a math person but I have a month until school starts so I intend to learn the basics of physics so it can be facilitated, whether or not I do ap or honors.

Don’t know if it matters but I’m also doing school online the whole year.

Should I choose honors or AP Physics 1? with my schedule and college apps.

I heard they teach pretty much the same content and ap physics goes in more depth and honors physics covers more topic in less depth.