Should I Take Physics or a Class I like?

<p>I want to graduate early, and I will meet all the requirements for early graduation by the end of next year. I have to decide though, whether I want to double up on sciences even though I only need 3 credits, or whether I should take a class I like. Do you think I should take both AP Bio and Normal/AP physics or just AP Bio and the class I like? I'll have an opportunity to join a club and become an officer in it if I take the business related class i like and that will look good on college apps, but then again, I'm going into the medical field so it won't really help me much there. </p>

<p>So what do you guys think? How important is it to have a background in physics before college physics?</p>

<p>That depends on where you want to go for undergrad and how competitive it is. Our county has different levels of diplomas and if you don't have physics, then you don't qualify for the diploma that is considered the "college prep" diploma. Also, some colleges explicitly state that they want to see math through calculus and science through physics. Better check the admissions sites for the schools you are considering.</p>