Should I take Spanish 3 alongside another college Spanish?

So I’m a junior at an early college high school and the way the school works is we can only take Spanish 3 our 1st semester of senior year. Right now I’m in spanish 2 but next year i plan to take two more courses or Spanish through my college. So my question is if I don’t take the Spanish 3 class along with my two college Spanish classes will this hurt me when it comes to college admissions. If I don’t end up taking Spanish 3 I would either have to take journalism or current events in its place.

Taking Spanish 3 at your HS while concurrently taking essentially the same class at a college is wasting a class space. So no, don’t do it.

The next two college Spanish courses starting from the completion of high school Spanish 2 will likely take you to a more advanced level than high school Spanish 3. Taking high school Spanish 3 while also taking the college Spanish courses would be a waste of schedule space.