Should I take Spanish or Italian?

<p>Hi everyone! Currently I'm a sophmore in my third year of Latin which I completely adore (I participate in Latin Honor Society, Latin Convention, Certamen and am a Latin Club officer. :P) I'm still planning to take it through AP, but out of school I want to another language. I'm stuck between Spanish and Italian. I've been doing a bit of self study for Spanish once in a while, but would love to take Italian because I love the language. But still, Spanish would be beneficial. So if you were in my shoes, which language would you take and why?

<p>I would take Italian because it is not offered at my high school. I wish i could take Italian because it seems like an interesting language to learn. Also you can learn about the Italian culture and such...You might become a pro on how to make pizzas and pasta</p>

<p>italian is interesting, except it really doesnt help you in life
depends on the teachers, really
at my school the spanish teachers suck while the italian teachers are pretty good</p>

<p>i would take italian but i already know spanish lol</p>

<p>I would take Italian just because it's more unique. Also, Italian speakers can understand Spanish very easily, but it's more difficult for Spanish speakers to understand Italian. It's also easier for an Italian speaker to learn Spanish than for a Spanish speaker to learn Italian, so if you think you might ever want to pursue both of these languages, Italian would be the best to start with.
(btw, I'm fluent in Spanish and conversational in Italian, if that gives me any credibility lol)</p>

<p>I would choose Italian because I feel that Spanish is something really easy to learn by yourself. Though, I don't really know anything about the Italian language.</p>