Should I take the ACT in December too?

<p>I'm taking it tomorrow, and I'm thinking of only sending in my ACT scores when I send in scores. I guess I could just see how I do on the SATs on November 2nd, and if I don't like it, and decide I will not submit them....sign up for the December ACTs? It can't hurt, since you can submit just one set of ACT scores to college. But is December too late? I hope not...</p>

<p>The problem will be convincing my parents to forge over yet another $45....</p>

<p>No, I don't know of ANY school that doesn't accept December testing. So it's your call what you do. You have until November 16th to register for the ACT with a late fee, and the majority of scores will be out around the 6th for $8. So you can wait and see, or register beforehand to avoid the late fee, but then get stuck taking it again when you scored well.</p>