should i take the ACT?

<p>i worked my butt off for a 2280 last year on the SAT, should i study and take the ACT as well? or will my scores be somewhat similar?</p>

<p>Your score on the SAT is great, and i don't think you should waste you precious time studying for the ACT. A 2280 on the SAT is a solid score and should get you into any school ( implying that you have taken some AP test and/or SATII subject tests). I am studying for the ACT, intensively, right now, and i don't think you want to prep for this test also.</p>

<p>In contrary to what i said above, i heard that intensive studying for the SAT is all you really need for the ACT, but, i still advise you not to take it!!</p>

<p>yeah, i'm prepping for AP tests and deciding which subject tests i'm taking.. i don't think i'll have the energy to prep for the ACT junior year. my counselors keep on telling me to take it though, "just to be safe", and people keep on telling me the ACT's easier ?</p>

<p>Go buy the ACT Prep Guide, take 1-2 practice tests. See what you get.
If you need to practice alot from that point on, forget it. If you think you're in the range, then go for it.</p>

<p>is that the official prep guide published by the ACT itself ??</p>

<p>I don't think that "intensive study" is necessary for either the SAT or ACT. I did one practice test for the ACT and got a 33. I did three for the SAT and made a 2210. Admitedly, these aren't astronomical scores, but I'm quite happy with them.</p>